Andersen 2.0 EV Charger on a wall with a car.


Light Green Andersen EV Charger on a wall with flowers around.
Andersen A2
Andersen A2 is a beautiful crafted EV charger, which looks great outside your home.
Wooden Andersen EV Charger.
7kW AC

Andersen A2

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Beautifully stylish and well made EV chargers, in a metallic and wooden finishes. Makes a real statement on the side of your house.
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The Andersen A2 smart charger comes with an EVOFLEXTM  Charging Cable which is lightweight and incredibly flexible.
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7kW for single phase and 22kW for 3-phase electricity supply. Konnect+ app for a charge that is both smart and reliable.
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Intelligent charging ensures you use your energy providers cheapest night rates to recharge your car, saving you money.

Andersen A2


Every Andersen EV charger is style meets substance. Beautifully crafted and packed full of amazing technology. There are a massive 92 possible variations of the EV charger!

Each Andersen A2 allows all cables to be hidden away when not in use


  • Single Phase, 7kW AC. Three Phase 22kW
  • Type 1 & Type 2 extension lead options
  • Tethered 5m cable
  • Beautiful wood and metal finishes
  • Connect to the Andersen Konnect+ app to monitor and control your charger and smart technology
  • Cost tracker
  • Lockable
  • OZEV approved
  • Built-in WiFi
  • Solar option with additional CT
  • Wall-mounted

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