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Ohme Home Pro
Hypervolt EV chargers bring power to your drive with faster and smarter charging.
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7.4kW AC

Ohme Home Pro

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Charge your EV 3x faster than your standard 13A plug with the smartest Ohme Home Pro.
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LED screen and LED indicators, easy to keep track of charging via the charger or the App.
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Built in mobile signal, a superb solution if you have problems with flakey WIFI.
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Intelligent charging ensures you use your energy providers cheapest night rates to recharge your car, saving you money.

Ohme Home Pro 2.0

Affordable and Simple

Ohme chargers offer the very best in smart EV home charging, with their innovative app and ability to make home charging simple, affordable and incredibly efficient. OHME chargers are the perfect solution for anyone looking to reduce their environmental impact.


  • Type 2 connector
  • Fast Charging features (approx. 25 mi/hr)
  • Tethered 5 metre cable
  • Compatible with all EVs
  • App support
  • Scheduled charging via Ohme app
  • Lockable
  • OZEV approved
  • Variable Smart Tariff

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